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                Glutathione is a naturally occurring protein that protects every cell, tissue and organ from toxic free radicals and disease.  It is a powerful antioxidant often referred to as the master antioxidant.  Glutathione has several functions:


1.       Regulates and regenerates immune cells – helping to detoxify the body

2.       Important role in DNA synthesis and repair

3.       Potential anti-viral properties


              Dr. David Perlmutter, a board certified neurologist has been using glutathione to help treat Parkinson’s disease.  Although it is not a cure, it has been shown to improve the symptoms of the disease and possibly slow the progression of the illness.  In addition, Dr. Perlmutter has treated a variety of degenerative neurologic conditions with glutathione including ALS, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.  Some physicians have advocated the use of glutathione in treating the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  To learn more about Dr. Perlmutter’s work, visit


Glutathione is administered through an IV over a thirty-minute period.  It may be given up to three times per week in doses of 1000-1800 mg according to physician specifications. 


Vitamin Treatments


                IV vitamin therapies include Vitamin C, Myers Cocktail and Immune Drip Therapy.  Vitamin treatments have been used for a variety of medical conditions including malnourishment, malabsorption syndrome, immune function, and infection/inflammatory diseases. These treatments are given intravenously over a three-hour period.  We also administer a “mini” Myers Cocktail that is given over a thirty-minute period for patients who do not have the time for a 3-hour drip.  Typically, treatments are given once or twice a week depending on the patient’s illness.


                Vitamin C is an important nutrient in the function of our body.  It is used to boost our immune system, plays a role in detoxification, serves as an antioxidant, and plays a large part in collagen synthesis and wound healing.  Some studies have shown that due to its powerful anti-inflammatory effects, high doses of Vitamin C have been effective treating a variety of viral illnesses and have been helpful in the treatment of Lyme Disease.


                Myers Cocktail and Immune Drip Therapy are treatments consisting of various doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and minerals.  These treatments are helpful for patients with malnourishment or malabsorption syndrome.  In addition, they have been successfully administered to patients with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, and immune system dysfunction.






                We have found that a treatment once or twice a week is both effective and convenient.  If a treatment is delayed or missed, you would still get the benefit of prior treatments.  The ultimate benefit would simply be delayed proportionally.   The maximum number of treatments administered per week is three.  It is our opinion that more than three treatments a week places an unnecessary strain on your system. 



                Once a treatment is scheduled, please keep your appointment.  If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please notify the office at least one day in advance.   Your individual treatment is mixed prior to your appointment time.  Once mixed the set must be destroyed if not used that day.  There is a $30 charge for no shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.


                Upon arrival, your weight and blood pressure are taken.  If any laboratory tests are needed, these are done before the I.V. infusion is started.  The infusion is administered through an extremely small needle usually in the back of the hand.  For those of us who are squeamish, do not despair.  We are sensitive to this emotional discomfort in many people, and we make it as comfortable as possible.  For those who started with misgivings about an intravenous needle, by the second or third treatment, each has become comfortable with the idea.


                Eat a good meal before coming for a treatment.  Bring healthful snacks such as fruit or a lunch.  You will enjoy your time more and this will help keep your blood sugar normal.  Please drink plenty of water before your treatment. This enables the nurse to find your vein easier.  Please avoid caffeinated drinks the morning of your treatment as it constricts your blood vessels.  We will provide coffee and tea at your request after your I.V. is started. 


                Once the I.V. is started you are welcome to move about.  Drinking fluids is an important part of your treatment activity.  This helps dilute the toxins coming out of your body and reduces any strain on the kidneys.  Of course, with drinking fluids, you will need to use the rest room.  This is quite easy to negotiate even with the I.V. running.  The patient can simply carry their I.V. bag to the restroom, hang it on a hook inside the room, take care of business, and return to the recliner.  It is a good idea to wear comfortable and convenient clothing. 


                Patients who are not fully capable of getting themselves to and from the restrooms or self care while in the restroom will need to be accompanied by someone who is able to assist with this need.


                Most patients are able to drive themselves to and from their treatments.


                The treatment may surprise you in that it is not a frightening experience which most of us typically anticipate with a medical procedure.  I am continually pleased to hear the humor and sharing that takes place among our patients.  We consider all our patients as our guests.  We want you to be comfortable and to enjoy this time.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your time more pleasant.



                Each patient’s situation is unique.  However, certain things must be done prior to the first  treatment:  1. A physical examination (within 6 months), 2.  An EKG (within 6 months), 3.  Laboratory blood work including blood count, sugar, liver and kidney function (within 3 months). 


              A relatively inexpensive hair analysis test may be recommended to evaluate for heavy metal toxicity or nutrient deficiencies.


                Any of these tests may be performed in my office, though as long as the information is recent and accurate, previous medical records are certainly acceptable. If your physical, EKG and lab work were done in another office, please send that information to my office prior to scheduling a consultation with me.  Your consultation time is devoted to reviewing your medical records, evaluating your condition and answering any questions you may have. 


All patients must have an initial consultation with Dr. Harrison prior to beginning treatments.  Our office is happy to schedule a physical exam and any labs or tests you might require prior to beginning treatment.  However, we will gladly accept all this information from your primary care physician as long as the information is up to date as previously stated. 



                As you may be aware, all physicians do not universally embrace glutathione and vitamin treatments.  If you feel strongly that your family physician or specialist would disapprove of your treatments and consequently jeopardize your relationship with them, I will respect your wishes of confidentiality.  However, if possible, I encourage all patients to include their other physicians by making them aware of any treatment you are receiving.  It puts your other physicians at a disadvantage if they are kept in the dark, and they will be able to provide much better care if they know what is going on. 



                The success of your therapy depends on several factors.  These include limiting alcohol intake and discontinuing tobacco use.  In addition, a proper diet and exercise (as recommended by your primary care physician) assist in your overall response to treatment.  We recommend a low fat (low cholesterol diet). We also recommend that all of our patients should at least take a multivitamin and Vitamin E for its antioxidative properties.  Our office carries a high quality Vitamin E supplement – please inquire at the front desk if interested.  Some patients may require further supplementation depending on their medical condition. 



                You will have many questions, either before or after starting treatments.  I will do my best to answer your questions completely and understandably.  If your question has not been answered to your satisfaction, please let me know.  I believe you will find that my staff and I are approachable and pleased to assist you.


Kevin C. Harrison, D.O.